10 Great Reasons to Go By Bus

Trying to decide the best way to see New Zealand? There’s a reason so many backpackers and other independent travellers choose to travel by bus… in fact, here are TEN reasons why you should travel around NZ in a bus. 

1. Make new friends

When you’re hitting the road for a few hours it’s hard to ignore the people around you. But that’s a good thing – like they say, strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet! When you travel by bus along with the locals take, you’ll meet Kiwis and other travellers like you. You never know, you may like the sound of their travel plans and decide to tag along.

2. It’s an affordable way to see New Zealand

You didn’t come all the way to New Zealand to be pampered for a few days. You came for a fun adventure and to experience as much of the country as you can, for as long as you can!

By creating your own itinerary, taking the bus to your choice of destinations, and booking your own style of accommodation, you can see where every dollar is going and spend it on what you want to.

3. It’s flexible and convenient

Don’t let someone else’s timetable cramp your style. Travelling by bus means you don’t have to book months in advance or pay a horrendous last minute change fee because you’ve decided to stay on somewhere for a bit longer.

4. You take travelling seriously

Some people prefer to book a package tour with a set itinerary where everything is decided for them. If you’re an educated, independent traveller, this may not be for you. You’ve done your research and don’t need to be told it all again. Being taken A to B is all you and your wallet need. 

5. Cool extras

If you decide to travel on an Intercity FlexiPass, a number of dedicated sightseeing day tours with awesomeNZ and GreatSights are included. Your pass covers the travel component and you just pay for your optional extras, like meals and entrance fees. 

6. Travel in style

Those days of juggling the map, steering wheel and road-trip snacks are over. Try sitting back and letting a driver do all the work! InterCity’s air conditioned buses let you relax while soaking in all the sights that you couldn’t usually enjoy without veering off the road.

7. Local insight from the guy sitting next to you

Strike up a conversation with your fellow travellers and see where the road takes you! You could end up experiencing stunning parts of New Zealand that you won’t find splashed all over the internet on the same old top 5 lists everyone else is looking at. Kiwis are a proud and friendly bunch, and they’re always keen to share New Zealand’s best kept secrets.

8. No strings attached

When taking the bus to your chosen destination you’ll be taken there, that’s it. Not via a ‘really neat gift shop’ or to a hostel that ‘you are bound to love’. You’re not on a school-field trip where participation in expensive tourist activities is mandatory.

9. Travel solo or with friends

Don’t pull the plug on your road trip because the friend you were going to share petrol with just did. Also avoid the awkwardness of uninviting someone because there’s not enough room in the car. The bus solves both problems, whether it’s just you and your iPod travelling or the whole crew.

10. Easy to book online

Is it too much to ask for it to be easy to book some quality and affordable transport? Lucky for you booking bus tickets in NZ is easy because you can do it all online 24/7. Any questions? Just call the 0800 number and a friendly Kiwi will help you get your bus travel sorted in no time.

Ready to see New Zealand by bus? Learn about the different New Zealand bus passes on offer.