Overnight Bus New Zealand

Catch an overnight bus and save on travel while you sleep!

InterCity overnight bus

One of the best ways to save money while travelling in New Zealand is to take an overnight bus – that way you can get where you’re going without having to pay for accommodation as well. Just like that you’ve saved time and money!

InterCity runs overnight buses between Auckland and Wellington on modern double decker vehicles with free WiFi. Overnight buses will get you to your destination refreshed and ready to spend the day exploring instead of catching up on sleep.

There are two InterCity overnight buses in each direction every night. One departs from Auckland or Wellington at 7.30pm and has a mixture of standard seats and premium InterCity Gold seats on board. Gold seats are extra-large leather reclining seats with extra legroom and USB charge cables, so you can charge your phone or your tablet on the go.  InterCity Gold is available for an extra charge on overnight buses.

The second InterCity overnight bus option departs a little later, at 8.45pm from Auckland or Wellington. These buses have a few standard seats plus InterCity SLEEPER lie-flat beds on board. These are set up in sections of one top bunk and two bottom bunks. The top bunks are single hammock-style beds, with twin bunks underneath divided by a privacy screen.

You can take the night bus from Auckland or Wellington and choose from a range of locations along the way, including the popular tourist destinations of Rotorua and Taupo. During your overnight bus trip you’ll stop for food and toilet breaks as well as to pick up other clever travellers, including locals and other backpackers.

Overnight bus tickets don’t cost too much, so you can save on your travel and get some sleep along the way!

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