Backpacker Accommodation New Zealand

If you’re looking for backpacker accommodation in New Zealand you’ll find there are options for pretty much any budget and personal preference. The larger cities have everything from five-star hotels to budget backpacker hostels, and everything in between. Smaller towns might have fewer choices available, but you’ll generally find a range of accommodation from campsites and hostels to motels and hotels.

Some hostels may offer a backpacker discount if you have a membership card (for example a YHA, ISICS or BBH card) – check out our information on backpacker discounts for more cheap travel tips.

Many NZ accommodation providers are also InterCity agents, so they can help you with your bus and tour bookings as well as recommending local activities for you to try.

Backpacker Bus - NZ Backpacker Accommodation

Great location – but you might want to look for something a little more waterproof…

Unlike some backpacker ‘party buses’ which lock you into staying at a particular hostel along with everyone else on your tour, when you travel on an InterCity bus pass you are free to choose your own accommodation. You might decide to save on money in one town and stay in a campsite, grab a bunk in a mixed dorm another night, and then spend a few nights in a comfortable apartment – it’s totally up to you!

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Use the simple search below to find backpacker accommodation in the town or city you are travelling to, whether you’re looking for basic hostels and campsites or planning to treat yourself. Find the best accommodation deals all around New Zealand – with no booking fees!