Once you arrive in New Zealand, there are lots of transport options to get from place to place, especially in the North Island. If you’re trying to decide which one to choose, here’s why a low cost bus is a low stress choice.

1. Just the right number of stops

Many North Island cities and towns aren’t too far from each other, so it’s possible to make it to several places in one day. Choosing your New Zealand bus travel with a company like Skip Bus means you have enough stops for a comfortable ride, but not too many to slow your trip. The Auckland and Rotorua bus with Skip, for example, is about four hours, but stops only a couple of times in between.

2. Get comfortable

The great thing about a bus ride is the modern comforts like good seating – and free WiFi so you can browse the internet and update your social media while you travel. That means a really different experience than if you were driving, concentrating on the traffic and conditions. Why not sit back and relax instead?

3. Get value for money

There are lots of costs when you’re travelling in any country, one many of them come up when you’re using a car. They include fuel, insurance and maintenance. But with bus travel, you don’t have to take care of those things.

4. Leave it to the experts

Services like Google Maps make it easier to navigate around countries you haven’t been to before, but when you go between cities, travelling by bus is also an easy option. As experienced drivers with knowledge of the area, they’ll drive skilfully along the plotted route, and benefit from the experience of doing that every day of the week.

5. Get to the centre of town

New Zealand bus services generally have conveniently located stops that are close to major shopping areas in big cities, or to information or transport centres in the smaller towns. So once you get off the bus, it’s often a simpler task to get to accommodation, buy what you need or find out information about your next destination. In Auckland, for example, Skip stops outside the Sky City hotel and entertainment complex in the heart of the CBD, and in Rotorua, the stop is just outside the i-SITE information centre.