New Zealand Backpacker Discounts

Packing light is one of the first lessons any backpacker learns – but there’s one little piece of plastic that could be indispensable on your travels! Just a bit of research and a few minutes of your time could open up a whole world of backpacker discounts…

Backpacker Bus - NZ Backpacker Discounts

Leave that third pair of jeans behind and bring something useful instead!

If you have a backpacker or hostel membership card, you might be able to get cheap bus travel in NZ. Sign up for a ID card before you leave and you can use it to get discounts off standard bus fares on nearly all InterCity services nationwide.

Of course, these backpacker discount cards can also score you some great savings on your backpacker accommodation and on some activities around New Zealand. Some are free to join and others have a one-off or annual membership fee – but it’s definitely worth doing your research and signing up for some of these memberships to make sure you save money while travelling.

Which backpacker card should I get?

Every backpacker discount card is a little bit different and offers a range of discounts and freebies. You can use a backpacker ID card to get cheaper accommodation, food, travel, activities and entertainment in cities around the world.

Here are some popular backpacker ID cards that you can use to get cheap bus travel in NZ:

Backpacker bus discounts are subject to limited availability and are constantly changing, so it’s always best to book as early as possible for the best savings. And don’t forget to have your card on you – you’ll need to show it to the driver when you board.

Just think how much more you’ll get out of your trip if you can save money on travel – it all adds up!

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Bus Pass Backpacker Discounts

While you can get a backpacker discount on individual InterCity bus tickets, the FlexiPass and TravelPass bus passes already include a massive discount compared how much you’d pay if you booked each trip separately, so there’s no extra backpacker discount for these passes.

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