Travelling by bus often gets a bad reputation; people say the seats are too small and cramped, the journeys are seemingly endless and painfully boring and most of the time you only travel by bus as a last resort. But British travel blogger Chloe Dickenson found her journey with Skip was a great option for travellers on a budget.

What if I told you there’s a hotshot in town aiming to change the way that budget travellers get around New Zealand? Skip is the ‘cheaper, faster, funner’ way to get around New Zealand’s North Island and after experiencing one of their journeys for myself, I can certainly vouch for that!

Here are 5 reasons Skip is the best transport option for budget travellers!

Free Wi-Fi on-board

While Skip welcome people of all ages on to their buses, their main audience is budget backpackers and student travellers; which means their free on-board Wi-Fi is certainly a selling point.

While it might not be high-speed, ultra-fast broadband levels of Wi-Fi service, it serves its purpose very well and allowed us to watch numerous episodes of our favourite Netflix show on our journey from Tauranga to Wellington. Being a travel blogger, it also allowed me to catch up on some work and share my Skip adventures with my followers on Instagram!

The North Island is covered

Another great thing about Skip is the routes that they offer around the North Island. You can travel all the way from Whangarei right down to Wellington!

Spectacular scenic views en route

One of my absolute favourite parts about travelling with Skip was the bountiful, beautiful scenery we drove passed on the way to Wellington from Tauranga.

Of course, you could always fly around New Zealand’s North Island but then this would be much more expensive, and you certainly wouldn’t enjoy as much scenery as you would on a bus.

On our journey to Wellington with Skip we cruised through Rotorua, around Lake Taupo and even through some of the Tongariro National Park. We were greeted with the most stunning views for most of our journey and when you’re on a budget in terms of both money and time, travelling by bus with Skip provides you with ample opportunity to see the North Island from a unique perspective.

Comfortable, spacious seats

The journey from Tauranga to Wellington was around 10 hours in total; a pretty hefty amount of time to spend on a bus! However, Skip’s large, spacious and incredibly comfortable seats made the journey surprisingly pleasant.

That, teamed with the fact that there were numerous scheduled stops throughout the day meant that we got the opportunity to walk around and stretch out our legs!

Budget-friendly prices

Arguably their most prominent selling point is the fact that Skip Travel offer bus tickets from as little as $NZD7 one way! This means that they’re an excellent option for budget travellers and students who want to get about the North Island in a comfortable, convenient and most importantly, affordable, way.

I was so pleased with Skip Travel and the way that they operate; affordable prices, comfortable seats, free Wi-Fi and spectacular scenery; what more could you want in a bus journey?

Chloe Dickenson