FlexiPass NZ Bus Pass

The most popular New Zealand bus pass, FlexiPass is an hours-based bus pass that gives you complete flexibility with your travel plans. With a FlexiPass you can hop on and hop off anywhere within the InterCity bus network. You can also change your bookings up to 2 hours before departure. This makes it perfect for backpackers and independent travellers.

How does FlexiPass work?

It’s easy to plan and book your New Zealand travels with a FlexiPass. Simply plan your trip, estimate how many hours you’ll need, buy a pass and use it to book your travel. As you book each trip, the hours it takes will be deducted from your pass.

1. Choose your own New Zealand itinerary

Unlike the fixed routes of the backpacker bus companies, with a flexible bus pass you are in control. No set itineraries or compulsory stops! If you feel like being spontaneous and changing your plans, go right ahead.

  • You decide where and when you travel
  • Stop for as long as you like along the way
  • Change your plans whenever you like

You can also top up your pass at any time with additional hours if you need them. Perfect for those last-minute additions!

2. How many hours do I need on my FlexiPass?

That depends on how much you want to see! First of all, make a rough plan of the places you plan to visit while you’re in New Zealand. Great, now you have an itinerary!

The easiest and most reliable way to work out how many hours you’ll need is by searching for each bus trip on the InterCity website. Each trip will show the duration in hours and minutes. That’s how many hours the trip will ‘cost’ you with your FlexiPass.

There’s also a network map that shows major routes and average journey times, which can help you plan. And if you’re having trouble getting started, you can look at route suggestions too. 

3. Buy your FlexiPass and start booking!

You can buy anywhere from 15 hours to 80 hours of travel. The more hours you buy, the cheaper each trip gets. Once you’ve bought your pass, log in and start booking your bus travel. At the checkout, instead of being charged a bus fare, the hours for each trip will be deducted from your pass.

If you find you run out of hours, you can top up your pass with more hours at any time. 

Transferable bus pass

InterCity FlexiPass is valid for 12 months once you’ve started booking travel. It’s also transferable: if you have leftover hours at the end of your trip you can sell your pass. InterCity’s Facebook page is a good place to advertise your pass or find passes for sale.

What’s included in a FlexiPass?

  • Day tours – You can use your FlexiPass to book all kinds of great sightseeing day tours. You just cover the optional extras (like entrance fees, meals etc). Choose from a wide range of New Zealand bus tours including Waitomo Caves tours, Hobbiton tours, Mt Cook tours and Milford Sound tours.
  • Interislander Ferry – InterCity FlexiPass® includes travel on the Interislander ferry between the North and South islands of New Zealand. Travelling the length of our beautiful country just got even easier!

Ready to get started on your New Zealand adventure? Find out more about FlexiPass, see some sample NZ itineraries and start planning travel on your New Zealand bus pass. Or if you don’t think it’s for you, find out more about TravelPass instead.